Roofs can be damaged in lots of ways. Everything from the weather, poor maintenance, and improper installation can be responsible.

So regular inspections of your roof should be performed, including photographs.

Not only will the inspections help you catch roof damage early before it can lead to even more damage, but it can also help you deal with roof insurance claims.

Knowing when and how your roof gets damaged is imperative. The last thing you want is your insurance carrier rejecting or reducing the value of your claim because they determine that your damage occurred prior to when it did. 

Read on to learn about more mistakes to avoid.

How to Get Insurance to Pay for Roof Replacement

Having your roof repaired or replaced after it has been damaged is generally covered under a homeowners insurance policy. If you have any questions, contact your insurance agent.

When your roof has been damaged, there are several steps you need to take to ensure that your insurance company will cover the costs for having the work done. Your policy will set forth the time you have to submit your claim, along with their requirements for your roof damage paid for.

Don’t delay in getting the process started. As soon as you know your roof has been damaged, make the following a priority.

Have a Roofer Assess Your Damage, then Report Your Claim to Your Insurance

Your roof insurance policy will require you to make your insurance claim promptly.

So get a qualified, experienced roofing company out to access your roof damage as soon as you realize your roof has been damaged. The company can help you confirm the extent of the damage, how the damage occurred, and help document this information for your claim.

Friends, family, and the Better Business Bureau are good places to find roofing companies who are reliable and trustworthy.

Then report your claim to your insurance carrier or your insurance agent promptly. 

Get at Least Three Estimates for Repairs

Before having any work done, contact and obtain quotes/estimates from at least three reputable roofing repair companies.

This will confirm the estimates you obtain are legitimate and the prices being charges are reasonable and customary for your area.

Submit Back-Up Documentation for Your Roof Insurance Claim

You need to provide complete and detailed documentation to prove a claim for roof repair and replacement, if necessary. This will help your claim get processed faster and get the most money possible from your insurance carrier.  

This documentation should include all estimates received from the roofing companies you contacted. Also, include photographs taken both before and after the damage occurred. “Before” photographs will help prove the damage occurred when you say it did.

Keep track of every conversation you have with your insurance carrier, including the date and time of each phone call, and who you spoke to. 

Keep copies of letters and all backup documentation you send to your carrier, including the date each was sent. 

Having a file for keeping a copy of everything to do with your claim will help you stay organized. It will also help ensure you have the information handy throughout the claim process.

If Your Roof Has Been Damaged, Contact Us Today 

Dealing with roof insurance companies is never on one’s list of things they want to do. But waiting to determine the extent of your roof damage (and getting your claim submitted) will only make it more painful for you in the long run. 

Contact us today for help dealing with your insurance company!

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