Are you looking for a new roof in Denver? You need to know the right questions or things to ask when getting roofing quotes so that you make sure that you only buy from the best to avoid any future headaches.

Choosing a roof can be tricky.

One of the things you must consider is the cost. How? By getting quotes from different contractors.

You need to choose the right contractor. How? By asking the following questions when asking for a quote. 

While it is easy to rely on cost alone, ensure you ask the following questions. 

Things to Ask When Getting Roofing Quotes

A good roofing is not cheap. You need to know how to get the best contractor. Here are a few questions that you can ask your roofer before signing a contract with them.

1. Are They Licensed and Insured?

This is always the first question to ask a contractor. Request to see their license to confirm that is valid if you have to and check if they are authorized to work in your state. Your roofer should at least also have liability insurance because it will protect your property in case your roofer accidentally damages your home.

The same insurance also protects against injury.

2. What Warranty Do They Provide?

A new roof should come with a warranty. This is a very important question to ask your roofer. You also need to know the details of the warranty. You should work with a roofer who offers at least five to 10 years guarantee.

Consider one that offers a 100% lifetime guarantee with all our roofing. This means that we will do any repairs needed free of charge as long as you have our roofing.

3. Do They Provide an Estimate?

A good roofer should be able to give you an estimate. Do not settle into any contract without an estimate because it can cause a little disagreement in the long run. The estimate should include the cost of taking down the old roof, adding a new one and any other items needed.

4. How Long Will It Take to Replace the Roof?

You need to know how long the job will take. This will help you plan and plan your accommodation for the repair period. The time it takes will vary depending on how big the job is, and your roofer will be able to give you the exact time after an inspection.

5. How Will They Protect Your Property?

Find out how the roofer plans to take care of your gutters. Your contractor needs to use ladder stabilizers and standoffs to keep any weight off your gutters. They should also have your lawn and garden in mind when tossing and dropping things while working on your roof, especially if you have invested a lot to make your lawn look good.

You should also find out if they will clean your property once the job is done.

Consider These Five Things to Ask When Getting Roofing Quotes

Knowing the right things to ask when getting roofing quotes will save you a lot of money. Roof replacement is not a scary thing when you are working with the best here in Denver. It is not only about the money but also having your roof replaced on time.

If you are looking for a roofer, visit our website and check out our roofing services page. Contact us for a free inspection and estimate.

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