Are you looking to repair or replace your roof after an accident or severe storm? Do you want to make sure that the job is done with quality?

If so, then you’ll need to ask certain questions that prove the legitimacy of their services so that you save time and money on the work.

With our knowledge of roofing work, you will be able to find the right person to make your roof look good as new.

Here are five key questions to ask a roofer before hiring.

1. Insurance Questions to Ask a Roofer

The first questions to ask your roofer is if they insurance, more specifically liability insurance and workers’ compensation. This may depend on your state’s laws, as some states don’t require roofers to have it.

The best option is a roofer with insurance so that you are protected from a lawsuit in case the contractor gets into an accident on the job. The contractor will be able to recover from an injury, and your coverage will keep you from paying any costs.

2. Licenses

Next, you will need to move on to their qualifications. One of the most important roofing contractor questions to ask is if they and their company are fully licensed.

While state laws may vary in this situation, most states require that roofers have a license before they do any work. You can your answer by asking the contractor, calling their company, going to their website, or contacting your state’s licensing board.

3. Company’s Name and Address

Questions to ask a roofing contractor involve knowing the people that they represent. If you want to clarify the legitimacy of their services, then find out what the company’s full name is and if they have a physical address.

Think twice about hiring those that don’t have a physical location or use a post office box. The right option will also have a website that shows the physical office and its address, as well as email addresses and phone numbers to the staff.

4. References

Roofers with good track records make it is easy to find out who they’ve helped in the past. Ask them if they have references that you can contact, and the right contractor will be open to providing their information.

We recommend contacting as many past and current customers as possible to figure out what the roofer is good at and how well they could handle the issues you need help with. Go with prospects whose references provide positive reviews.

5. Warranty

Your roofer should be able to fix any physical issues that could affect you now and in the long run. That’s where warranty comes in, and you should ask if that is available with their work.

Roofers with warranties should also tell you how long they are. While most warranties have you covered for up to a year, others can extend to longer periods of time, so you should compare options before making a final decision.

Our Take

There are certain questions to ask a roofer that will ensure you will have to deal with as little issues with your roof as possible. The right contractor will be open about their services, no matter what you ask.

Find out how much coverage you will be provided or need to get, as well as if the contractor has a good track record. With this information, you will find the right roofer in no time.

Check out more of our roofing expertise so that you keep your home as comfortable and damage-free as possible.

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