Depending on the roofing materials, you could be looking to replace your roof every 20 to 50 years.

If you’re building or renovating your dream home, you may soon be talking about what kind of roof styles you’d like to see go up on your house.

Roofs and materials for a new roof are important to a homeowner, as both help keep families and personal belongings protected from the elements. It’s a big investment and you want to do it right.

Let’s talk roof styles and materials, shall we?

Roof Styles for Your Home

Flat Roof

Houses with flat roofs may utilize the additional space with a roof-top garden or installing solar panels for a greener home and lower electricity bills.

Homeowners love the flat roofs because it gives their properties a modern look and great curb appeal.

This type of roof design isn’t recommended for areas with heavy amounts of rain. Why? Draining water can be difficult.

Although they’re not “flat” by definition, the slightly pitched roof is still susceptible to draining issues in geographies that experience high amounts of precipitation.

  • Suggested Materials: roll roofing, tar and gravel, sheet metal, rubber membrane, PVC, and TPO

Gable Roof

A gable roof has two slopes that come to a point with the sides open. It’s also referred to as a “peak roof,” and they’re the most common roof types in the United States.

Gable roofs are excellent choices for homes in areas of all climates. They’re affordable for homeowners, designed to prevent snow from piling on the roof, and there are different designs to choose from within the gable roof category.

The designs include the following:

  1. Front Gable
  2. Cross Gable
  3. Flemish (Dutch) Gable

Although gable roofs are great for runoff, they’re not ideal for areas prone to high winds, such as hurricane and tornado prevalent areas.

  • Suggested Materials: There are many roof tiles you can use to cover a gable roof. However, roofs with hips and valleys need metal shingles or standing seams to prevent leaks.

Skillion Roof

These roofs are also known as shed roofs. A skillion roof is characterized by its sloping roof that’s attached to a higher wall.

You would generally find this roof design used in home additions or to cover porches. Now, homes are being built with them to give the home a contemporary style.

Runoff is easily dispersal with a skillion roof – excellent for areas with heavy precipitation. The design adds architectural interest to the home and is affordable too.

  • Suggested Materials: Standing seam is preferred. Solar panels can easily be installed on a skillion roof for a green home.

Pyramid Roof

Smaller homes like bungalows and cabins have a pyramid roof.

A pyramid roof is a type of hip roof where all four sides come to a single point. The slopes provide additional space for ventilation and attic space, and the roof eaves offer shade in warmer months to keep the family cool.

This roof is recommended for strong-winded areas. It’s a little more expensive but very durable in places with frequent hurricanes, twisters, and tornadoes.

  • Suggested Materials: metal, tiles, or shingles are common roofing materials for a pyramid roof.

Gambrel Roof

The gambrel roof is essentially a barn roof with only two sides instead of four. On the lower side, it has a steep, vertical slope. The upper slope is much larger.

These roof styles are popular on barns and farmhouses, but also Dutch Colonial and Georgian style homes. Its frame provides homeowners extra living space and at a low cost.

Because of its design, the style is not recommended for homes in areas with heavy winds and snow as it could weaken the roof framing.

  • Suggested Materials: slate, wooden, and asphalt shingles are most commonly used. However, metal can greatly reduce your maintenance and upkeep costs.

Choosing the Right Roof Style

There are tons of roof styles to choose from. However, you should consider the climate, precipitation, geography, and your budget when determining the roofing materials and roof shape you go with for your home.

If you’re in the Denver, CO area and need a new roof, check out our excellent roofing services. We can help you with your home improvement projects and get you the new roof that you need!

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