It’s the year 2020, and everything has updated to stay with the times. The process of roof installment and roofing technology is no exception.

Your roof is arguably the most important aspect of your home. A bad roof can cause leaks, cave-ins structural damages, and even injuries to those who may be inside. It goes without question, then, that you want to have only the latest and greatest in your home.

That said, what exactly is new out there in the world of roofing? This article will go in-depth with what you need to know about new roofing technology and the latest measures in installation. Keep reading to make sure you stay informed!

Metal Roof Installment Services Are on the Rise

Asphalt Roofing has been the way to go for many decades, and we can confirm that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. However the use of metal roofing has seen a rise in the last few years, and in 2020 it’s more popular now that ever before.

While the cost of installation is more than asphalt roofing, there are many benefits to metal roofing. For starters, they last much longer than asphalt roofing, are arguably easier to take care of, and can help to reduce heating and cooling costs.

Lighter Colors Are Becoming Popular

We all know about the traditional dark grey or black roofing tiles; they’re on every house, and they’ve been the standard for a long time — some would argue far too long.

Because of this, lighter-colored roofs are becoming a big deal. Homeowners are embracing all kinds of roofing shades on the color spectrum, which allows them to customize their homes in a way that was never imagined before.

Flat Roofs Are Making Their Statement

Flat roofs have always been present on commercial buildings, but now they’re making their way over to the residential homes as well.

The past few years can be best summed up as the time of the minimalist. Having a flat roof on your home helps to emphasize that idea. They’re easier to install, safer, and make accessing them a breeze.

You can also turn it into a “green roof” or add solar panels quickly and with for less than you would with a sloped roof, making for the perfect combination of inexpensive installation and a tech-savvy statement.

The Right Roofers for Your Home

Now that you know about all of the newest features of roof installment and roofing technology, you’re going to want to know who you can trust to work on your roof using these up-to-date measures for the right price. That’s exactly what we can do for you.

At WoodBerb Roofing and Restoration, we place our focus on making our customers satisfied by giving the best roofing services available. We can assist with general roofing and storm damage, as well as installing windows, siding, and gutters.

Are you ready to get started? Just give us a call or send us a message, and we’ll be more than happy to help you. Let’s get started turning your house into a roofing masterpiece!

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