Vinyl siding is the most popular form of siding for many neighborhoods and homes.

If you’re thinking of updating your house siding, does vinyl give your resale value a boost?

Read on to learn more about this type of siding and how it can help you maximize your return on the investment.

Vinyl is an Economical Choice

Whether you want to spruce up your curb appeal or your current siding is simply worn out, vinyl is a cost-effective way to make an update. This lightweight siding comes in a myriad of colors, too. You can coordinate the siding with your roof and other features of the home for a nice aesthetic.

The purpose of house siding is to add another thermal layer to your home while giving it an attractive look. If you want to save money, choosing vinyl will be your best bet, and it should still increase your asking price if you pick a style and color that looks great to prospective buyers.

New House Siding and Return on Your Investment

Much like most other home upgrades, you shouldn’t expect to get the full return on your investment with new siding. That being said, you should recoup anywhere from 75-83 percent of the costs to have new vinyl siding installed.

This is actually an impressively high return considering that any updates you make should add to your home’s value. Think of this way: if your siding is in bad shape, it could actually cost you more.

Homebuyers interested in your place will notice the exterior first. Dirty, worn-out siding can turn many buyers off, and they might not even go inside for a showing. With new house siding, you’ll entice people to want to see more and hopefully make an offer.

Siding is More than Cosmetic

Of course, new siding will make any old home look new again. But the installation of vinyl siding is more than just for looks.

Having siding on your home increases the energy efficiency of your house, and it can also protect it from possible damage. Durable siding can keep the interior walls dry, and vinyl is water-resistant which makes it an excellent option for humid areas or places that get a lot of rain.

If you get new siding installed, go ahead and have the contractor look underneath the old siding for any structural damage or insulation issues. This gives you the perfect chance to address any hidden problems before you add the new vinyl siding to your home.

Get More with Vinyl Siding

If you’re looking for something affordable, attractive, and with a good return on your investment, vinyl house siding is a great choice. Pick a style and color that will enhance your home so you can close the sale. 

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