When you think about roofing, fun is not a word that comes to mind, although it should. There are some amazing roofing trends that will make your house look attractive and efficient. If you are not a roofing contractor, these trends will make it worthwhile for you to do your roofing and keep an eye on what the roofers are doing in your home.

Here are some roofing facts that will interest you and keep you knowledgeable about the roofing issues.

1. Roofing Facts 101: Thatched Roofs Are Just as Effective

Most people look down upon thatched roofs and assume that they are not competent enough to keep away water and other things that may fall on the roof. What people do not know is that thatched roofs are so tightly bundled together than nothing can penetrate through them.

These are also naturally waterproof and will shed sleet, water, and snow that may fall on the roof. They are just as effective as other roofing materials.

2. You Should Inspect Your Roof After Every Six Months

Most of the time, homeowners do not notice the issues with their roofs until it is too late. At this moment, repairs are expensive and may even require the removal of the entire roof.

However, if you ensure that your roof is inspected after every six months, you will escape costly repairs, and you will be certain that you are living in a safe environment. The inspections may be more frequent depending on the weather of the area.

3. Clay Roofs Are Amazing

Generally, a roof will last for about 10-30 years. Well, if you truly want a roof that will last a century, go for clay roofing. It is reported that some clay roofs are still functional after 100 years of use.

4. Use Your Metal Roof to Cut Your Heating Bills

The metal roof can raise the temperatures of your water by up to 50 degrees depending on the initial temperature of the water. This will save your heating bills by a great deal. This is a great way to save money and still keep your home safe and aesthetically pleasing.

5. Have You Thought of a Roof Garden?

When you are thinking of green and save money by growing groceries, you should consider your roof. The roof allows you to make a green garden by sprinkling it with different vegetables. The plants will cool your home and give you a fresh source of groceries.

6. The Warranty Does Not Mean the Roof Will Last as Long

While most asphalt single companies offer their customers a 20-year warranty, the roof is not guaranteed that it will work that long.

7. A Leak Maybe 20 Feet from Its Origin on the Roof

Water tends to travel before it drips visibly. Therefore, the point you think is the origin of the roof may not even be close to where the roof has an issue.

Roofing Facts 101

With these roofing facts, not only will you appreciate your roofing better, you will be at a better position to take care of your current roof.

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