With more access to dream home inspiration via social media and tv shows than ever before, it’s not surprising that home improvement expenditure reached almost 400 billion in 2018.

One of the things that you can do to transform your home is to renovate your outdated roof.

Let’s take a look at the roofing trends of 2019 to discover the perfect for your home.

6 Stylish Roofing Trends for 2019

We’ve narrowed down the choices to cover the 6 trending styles that can change the appearance and efficiency of your home.

1. Solar Roofs

It seems like 2019 may be the year that solar roofs pass into the residential roofing industry as reasonable and affordable options for everyone.

It’s not a new invention as solar panels have been around for some time but the recent push for sustainable energy has brought solar panels into the mainstream. They used to be bulky and unattractive but now manufacturers are creating sleek and elegantly designed panels for a modern looking version. 

They save energy and cut utility bills and could be perfect for building a greener home.

2. Cool Roofs

According to the EPA, cool roofs reduce your energy use and costs just like solar roofs. Cool roofing systems reflect sunlight instead of absorbing, therefore reducing the inside temperature and requiring less air conditioning usage.

Cool roofs are a perfect option if you live in hotter climates and are looking to reduce the energy costs in your home.

3. Metal Roofs

There are actually four different types of manufactured metal roofs:

Standing Seam: This is actually the most common type of metal roof and has continuous panels from the ridge down with seams connected by fasteners.

Metal Shingle/Slate: This style looks like the classic shingle or slate roofs but with the benefits of metal.

Metal Tile: Metal tile has the curves of classic tile but the lightness and strength of metal to withstand the elements.

Metal Shake: This style offers the look of wood with the fire-proof benefits of metal.

4. Extreme Weather Roofs

With extreme weather conditions in the US, homeowners have been adding roofs that are built to withstand the elements including fire-proof and hurricane proof roof tiles.

5. Green Roofs

Green roofs provide all the protection of traditional asphalt tiles or petroleum-based composite tile materials, without negatively impacting the environment. They are sustainable and responsible alternatives for homeowners interested in reducing their footprint on the planet.

6. Concrete Roofs

Concrete roofs are becoming popular with modern design in homes. They are durable, sturdy and waterproof and the tiles are now more attractive than previous concrete versions.

Rooftop Re-design Ready

Now that we’ve taken a run through of the roofing trends that are popular right now do you have more of an idea which style will complement the needs and design of your home?

With the right type of roofing, you can lower costs, improve your impact on the environment and renovate the look of your home all in one. 

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